A Poem for Science In 1959, Dutch pioneer of computer science Edsger Dijkstra published an algorithm that now routes e-mail and gives directions to drivers in GPS-equipped cars. Many beginning […]

In the 1950s, soon after Univac, IBM, and other companies first began manufacturing computers, audiences saw computers in movies like Desk Set and Forbidden Planet. They recognized a computer when […]

For computer scientists, the word complexity denotes the amount of work required to solve a problem using a given algorithm. An algorithm is the sequence of arithmetic and logical operations […]

For which problems do algorithms that generate a solution exist? This question defines the study of computability. A programmer can direct a computer to repeat a series of arithmetic operations […]

Computer scientists have created some of the most complex objects that human beings have ever designed and built. The largest programs contains tens of millions of instructions. If printed on […]

Trevis Rothwell spoke about developing software for the iPhone at a meeting of the Cedar Rapids Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers on June 20, 2010. His […]